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music curation ramble

Discovering music nowadays is very easy. Most of the music I listen to was discovered by lurking around on the internet. All major platforms are constantly giving you new genres, new albums, new songs. However, there is a massive distinction between music curated by an actual person with taste and preferences to an AI giving you what it thinks you want.

Although the idea of AI curation is incredible and has outstanding potential in the future, there is nothing that matches the feeling of listening to a playlist curated by someone. The same concept stands for albums. Listening to an album in its intended order can be a great experience.

Lately, I have been binging a playlist by the name of "a night out at cyberia". It is a playlist with very heavy techno music that really makes me feel like I am in Cyberia from Serial Experiments Lain. The curator did a wonderful job at threading these songs together in a mix that could easily be played at the club in the show. There are some songs that I don't 'like' as much as the other ones, but that makes the mix more relatable.

Personally curated mixes are a window into the life of the curator. Despite one not knowing the authors of the mixes they listen to, by listening to their playlists, one can gain a clear view into who that person is. I personally listen to a lot of trance and ambient music. This speaks volumes about the type of person I am.

Anyways, music is great. Here are some of my favourites as of now: