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bones, sinking like stones. all that we fought for.

"am i my own existence? or do we all encompass one sole existence?" -Engels 110-B Record 0020 in NieR:Automata
"look at my memory. a red dragon falls from the heavens..." -Divine Tree Memories in NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487179...
"your mind is a world. each one of us is a place." -Worlds Live by Porter Robinson
"though i'll never know your name, i've cried for you the same." -Fresh Static Snow by Porter Robinson
"no matter where you go, everyone's connected." -Lain in Serial Experiments Lain
"i am falling, i am fading, i am drowning, help me to breathe." -Duvet by bôa
"every time i close my eyes, i stop existing." -Obedient by Bladee and Ecco2K
"bones, sinking like stones. all that we fought for." -Don't Panic by Coldplay

Title font: Space Grotesk
Substitute body font: Inconsolata